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FAQ's (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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Neuro-linguistic programming is a powerful discipline that can help you unlock your true potential. Designed to understand and unblock excellence, NLP can help you think, manage and communicate more effectively. This discipline of human behaviour modification explores the relationship between how you think, communicate and understand your emotional and behavioural patterns. By studying the interactions between your neurons and linguistic faculties in your brain, you can learn to adopt better models of human communication.

Considered a powerful and effective change management tool, neuro-linguistic programming can change the way you act and think. Having a great impact on your personal and professional life, NLP is considered very useful in business management, sports coaching, sales, psychology and many other aspects of personal development.


Neuro-linguistic programming has emerged from the combined influences of anthropology, general semantics, reframing, transformational grammar, family systems, medical hypnosis and gestalt therapy. In the early 1970s, Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder from mathematics and linguistics departments respectively worked together to provide high-level therapy techniques. Over the decade, the duo released a number of works associated with therapy, hypnotism, and linguistics, leading them in formalizing neuro-linguistic programming as a relationship between body, brain and language.

Today, NLP has been proven useful in most professional fields including business and management, performance arts, sports, advertising and marketing, counselling and coaching, consulting, education and health sciences. Accepted as a practicing discipline for behavioural science, performance development and psychology, NLP has spread globally.


NLP uses a multitude of proven scientific techniques and methods to influence your psychological emotional state of mind. By replacing negative habits and behaviours with positive ones, it can transform your approach towards everyday tasks and obstacles. It will also make you more aware of how you impact those around you and teach you to manage your behaviour to get the best results in any situation. NLP is also known to be effective in helping you understand your motivations, actions, needs and so on and use them for achieving favourable outcomes.

On the professional front, neuro-linguistic programming can help you understand the needs of your staff, employees and customers better and empathize with their motivations as well as actions. By understanding them better, you can create a positive environment in your organization that can boost sales and productivity. With exceptional influence on your interpersonal communication skills, NLP can improve you as a mediator and speaker on the personal and professional front.


Neuro-linguistic programming is a highly personalized form of Life Coaching that helps you approach your thought process, impulses, personality traits and behavioural actions. By understanding and improving the way you perceive tasks and obstacles in your daily life, you can make a huge difference to your professional career and social life. With the right kind of training in neuro-linguistic programming offered by Let's-Live Coaching, you can influence the outcome of any personal or professional situation.

NLP training can increase your understanding of interpersonal communication and ensure that you convey your message effectively. NLP can help you effectively deal with difficult people around you and allow you to cultivate, nurture as well as develop characteristics and habits that are consistently found in successful people. NLP Coaching with Let's-Live Coaching can help you empower yourself and positively motivate those around you. Helping develop a natural charisma, NLP can make you a natural leader and turn you into a compelling and captivating speaker. The Let's-Live Coaching NLP program can also fine tune your skills and make you think more creatively as well as resourcefully in difficult situations.

To know more about our approach to neuro-linguistic programming, contact Let's-Live Coaching today. Call us at +27-12-665-1769 or +27-76-033-4191 or send us an email at


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